The Collaboration Project

December 1, 2011 - 13:55 -- ali llewellyn
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The Challenge for RHoK:

What better way to hack for humanity than to create an effective collaboration mechanism for people and organizations to solve the challenges facing the world. We need help to launch a collaboration platform, using data visualization and social networking resources to represent challenges facing our planet and progress towards their solutions, including the UN Millennial Development Goals.  


The ultimate goal is to reduce that sobering contradiction that we see when we look at the Earth: that it is not only visibly beautiful, but a place where life is beautiful for all.


Specifically, we challenge the RHoK community to:

  • Build a robust, user-friendly database of projects worldwide that is easily accessed with all metadata
  • Add map visualization and organization functionality
  • Add creative communication and chat capabilities that will allow everyone to connect and change the world together. 
Similar Projects and Resources: 
  1. We are starting with the site Fragile Oasis and the projects there.
  2. We have the source code for UMovement, a site with similar ideas that is a good starting place. 
  3. The CatalystMAP team is a key part, working on the data visualization piece.