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May 25, 2011 - 17:52 -- Nick Horspool
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Quick access to information describing what steps can be taken before, during and after a disaster can minimise the severity of a disaster on an individual. The impact on life and property can be reduced through having knowledge in how to effectively prepare and respond for a given natural disaster event.

We propose developing a smartphone application which contains vital information on what to do before, during and after a natural disaster. This will enable the general public to have this information on demand via their smartphone. The information can be sourced from the websites of Australian State Emergency Services (SES).


The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has forecast severe flooding over the coming few days. The event is anticipated to be the biggest flooding event in the last 50 years. Many individuals at risk of being inundated have not previously experienced a flooding event and will need information on how they can best prepare and respond to the event. They will need guidance on how to ensure they remain safe during the event. With the proposed smartphone app they will be able to reference the information they need regardless of where they are and whether or not they have internet access.


During some disasters (e.g. Earthquake) there may be a loss of power and internet so the app would need to be self contained on the users phone.

Extra Credit: 

If you could link in the app with the smartphones radio so that the user can listen to emergency broadcasts from the emergency services.

Ability to show the location of evacuation or relief centres nearest to the indvidual (will require some location information of the centres).

Similar Projects and Resources: 

This project would draw upon the wealth of disaster safety material developed by the Australian Emergency Mangement  community.

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Next Steps and Sustainability: 

If this app is completed, it could be submitted to various app stores.

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