CHILDCARE: Track freebies (food,clothing,scholarships) from Government to school kids.

Updated 2 months 3 weeks ago

Solution to the problems faced by civic autorities could be solved using technology.

Technology chosen should be simple, should have ease of use and be cost effective. So we chose QR code technology.


Every Kid in school will be issued an ID card with QR code embeded onto it. Just like the below one.


Farmolutions - Connecting Supervisors to Farmers

Updated 2 months 3 weeks ago

In India, a set of farmers are connected to a supervisor. He helps in educating them with better agricultural techniques, what type of crops to grow in which season, insights about what fertilisers and pesticides to use, irrigation etc.,

DismoWatch - A smart watch for remote disaster affected patients

Updated 2 months 4 weeks ago

DismoWatch is smart watch which helps in aftermath of a large scale disaster.

How? - The smart watch is tagged to the patients in the disaster area who are being shifted to hospital care. The gadget remotely sends updates of the patient to a central disaster monitoring hub.

Components? - It comprises of a Arduino based microcontroller platform with camera, GPS and GPRS modules built in.

Usage? The photo of the patient is sent on the GPRS by which relatives can identify him. GPS sends updates on his location which is remotely uploaded through GPRS.



Online Water Trading Map-based Portal

Updated 8 months 5 days ago

We propose a water trading platform. Water rights or water abstraction licence holders log on to post what they are willing to buy/sell and when and under what conditions. The iPad App posts this on a map, recommends potential trade partners based on catchment and water availability.

Socrata Map Mash-Up and Manual

Updated 8 months 5 days ago

When researching mapping platforms we discovered that a combination of Socrata and CrowdMap would address the majority of the features we were looking for. So, rather than building a redundant platform or application we constructed a map mashup using a combination of Socrata and CrowdMap. In addtion we created a user manual for Socrata, so that other users could create similar maps with ease.

Talking LCD solution for persons with visually impairement

Updated 9 months 1 week ago

This is regarding assistive technology solution  for visually impaired to access the information from in accessible LCD displays.

This solution will enabe  visually impaired to get  jobs in hospitality where they have to access the information displayed on console phone with LED/LCD displays & address customers accordingly.


For this we are using a combination of hardware & software solution,


Updated 9 months 2 weeks ago

One of the requirements of any public service organization is to provide transparency. This is especially important if the organization is dependent on donors to build up its resources.

Donors, usually rely on the ability of an organization to effectively decimate its resources before making a decision to donate resources. Meanwhile, donors might choose to stay anonymous.

Little Explorer

Updated 9 months 2 weeks ago

Chuukese Picture Dictionary - Solution

Updated 10 months 2 weeks ago


As of 15 Oct 2013, our platform for this project has moved to Ruby on Rails.  Some of the team members plan to complete this project in December during RHoK event in Atlanta.


The picture dictionary application was an opportunity to learn about a different culture, language challenges and how Peace Corps volunteers have challenges with very little resources.  Our goal was to design a simple web app that would display pictures with translation of English and Chuukese text on either side.

Our Team


Updated 10 months 4 weeks ago

Fikia is a world mapping needs, relief distribution and early warnings system that allows donors to locate their beneficiaries and needy people to give feedback to their donors, and providing weather forecasting information as to help the humanitarian action in the fight against hunger with use of a Web mapping interface, a Mobile WEB and an SMS based application and further platforms that will be developed later on.

Broken Lifts

Updated 11 months 3 weeks ago

Broken lifts in public transportation are annoying and limit the mobility of people in wheelchairs. Our solution provides status information from different operators on one page and shows publicly how well they are really doing.

Election viewing from a GIS map as results stream in dynamically

Updated 12 months 1 day ago

Group Name    :    kura squad
App Name    :    Election Viewer

Group Members    :    Acadius Ben Sabwa -- > Team Leader
            Matthew Mbiu
            Andrew Kibet
            Moffat Ngacha
            Alex Morrison
Description    :    election viewing from a GIS map as results stream in dynamically. Generates reports in the form of graphs and tabular
                        * incident reporting during elections


Updated 1 year 2 weeks ago

Renewable energy can provide an economically competitive and low-carbon route out of energy poverty for remote communities in the Global South.  Such projects face problems accessing spare parts and expertise on the ground. 

This app uses data from search engine queries to build up a map of where renewables projects are taking place, and therefore where parts may be sourced or people with support skills might be found.

Where's My MARTA Train?

Updated 1 year 3 months ago

There is no publicly available mobile app that allows riders of Atlanta's MARTA train system to track trains in real time. This is a problem, especially during off-peak hours.

Over the course of 24 hrs., a team at Random Hacks of Kindness - Atlanta developed a demo for a web-based MARTA train tracker. Built with Java, the mobile web app uses simulated real-time data to provide visualized train tracking as well as arrival and departure times at individual stations.

MARTA Feedback Solution

Updated 1 year 3 months ago


Team Members:

Dan Van Kley

Nachiket Kumar

Adam Levenstein

Richard Rissanen

Landon Reed


Communicate to MARTA

  • General Complaints
  • Problem Reports
  • Compliments & Thanks
  • Riders Care About System

Identification of Problems


Updated 1 year 3 months ago

Further details of what the application seeks to accomplish can be found on the Github README.

Small Business How Do I

Updated 1 year 3 months ago

The Census Bureau receives large numbers of calls daily from small business owners wanting information that can help them evaluate future locations for their businesses. The Bureau currently has an enormous amount of data. The project task is to find a way to extract specific data by county and deliver it in a user-friendly interface on the web.


Pet Fax: Give Them More Than A Name

Updated 1 year 3 months ago

Group Name: Pet Fax


Group Members:  Nebi Erdogan --> Team Leader

Eve Erdogan

Jaimae Lacey

Ugo Ezeamuzie

Geo Marguez

Angel Marguez

GQ Lewis

Jacquline Harris


Better Atlanta Portal: centralized & searchable resource for civic hacking projects in Atlanta

Updated 1 year 3 months ago

We brainstormed the portal idea futher. We started to create a detailed taxonomy (Diane & Alesia), threw together a rapid protype in WordPress (Landon), played around with Socrata databases (Jack & Terry), create a mockup for what a project detail page might look like (Chinedu), threw together a rapid prototype of a search page with Ruby on Rails (Luigi)

Atlanta Fertile Crescent Map

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