Founding Partners

Since its inception, NASA has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to tackle massively complex and ambitious goals to forward the human endeavor. As a result of its decades long development of technology in robotics, intelligent systems, satellites, human spaceflight and data analysis, visualization and modeling, NASA has a powerful and intelligent network of scientists and engineers. NASA has 14 spacecraft currently orbiting the Earth monitoring the dynamic Earth environment. With terabytes of new Earth Science data available each day, NASA’s scientists and engineers are at the forefront of understanding our global system. This data, together with 40 years of archived data, is a global resource for the development and reconstruction community.

NASA is constantly collaborating with partners, from governments and universities to corporations and individuals. NASA supports RHoK to create a developer community to enhance and enable development and reconstruction efforts to share information, have access to timely data, and to collaborate publicly to solve some of the toughest social and environmental challenges today. NASA’s support comes from the Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology (CTO for IT) in the Office of the Chief Information Office (OCIO) at NASA Headquarters and supporting Open Government at NASA.